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Our Brands

British line eyewear has a wide range of products to offer. We have licensed two international brands for worldwide distribution and also introduced private labels that are always in line with the latest trends and fashion.

Licensed Brands


Limon Eye - crafter eyewear is a luxe brand that personifies the Spanish design in each eyeglass. Limon Eye partners with various Spanish designers to create products that are not only chic but have a timeless fashion statement. 

Limon Eye offers wide range of eyeglasses, sunglasses for both men and women of all age and style.

White Crosses



Adfa Premio eyewear is another international brand which is always on the look out for creating products with material that is high quality in nature. Adfa differentiates itself from other counterparts with a keen focus on manufacturing products from high quality material that give lasting comfort to the wearer. The team at Adfa does 5000 eyeglass removal checks to guarantee the durability of each piece.

Private Labels

Fabio Couture Logo.png

Our range of Fabio Couture eyewear is inspired by French design. Fabio couture looks to track latest fashion trends in France and inculcates it into the products manufactured helping to bring European latest trend to the masses.

Male Model
Girl with Blue Hair
Jane Austin Logo.png

Jane Austin is our lifestyle brand which not only brings latest products to the customers but also ensures that these are made available at economical prices to the customers.





British Line

As early as April 2020, research has shown that people of all ages, from all over the world are spending more time on digital devices. In addition, more time is spent indoors at home, where buildings are nowadays equipped with LED lights that also emit blue light. So, besides facing potentially harmful blue light emitted by the sun, most people are increasingly exposed to artificial blue light.

Our prescription lens BRITISH LINE Blue Filter Ultra are made in the lens labs that is equipped with latest German machinery and manufacturing units. Each pair of lens goes through rigorous testing  for quality of blue light protection, accuracy and durability before it's delivered to the customer. This helps us to make 0 compromise on quality of each pair shipped out of the lab.

All British line progressive Lenses are made on digital freeform Machine. Freeform technology is the latest technique used to make best progressive lenses.

Single Vision Lens

We have a wide range of single vision lens with our latest Blue cut ultra coating


Progressive Lens

Our progressive lens have all the latest technology like freeform, Wide and customized to provide comfort

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